Thermage® FLX

What is Thermage® FLX?

Thermage® FLX is the state-of-art, fourth-generation system for non-invasive skin tightening from Solta Medical, a global leader in the aesthetic industry in laser and energy-based devices. Thermage® FLX optimizes the use of radiofrequency energy to induce skin tightening and new collagen formation. Compared to previous generations of Thermage® as well as many other tightening devices on the market, Thermage® FLX provides better results and more comfort during treatment with its innovative system of energy delivery and comfort pulse technology. We are an official Thermage® FLX provider.

How Does It Work?

Loss of healthy collagen and elastic fibers in the skin contribute to the loss of skin thickness, strength, tone, and resilience. The youthful contours slowly change over the years, and skin laxity and sagging develop. Thermage® FLX effectively delivers radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the skin to produce new, healthy collagen over the months following treatment. Thermage® FLX also tightens the existing collagen, giving immediate improvement in contours and tissue tone in many patients.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Thermage® FLX?

Since every individual has a unique set of problem areas to be treated, including asymmetry of right and left sides of the face and/or body, we customize every treatment and use a technique that includes “lifting vectors” to optimize results.

Who Should Not Undergo Treatment with Thermage® FLX?

Thermage® FLX should not be performed on people with an implantable pacemaker, an Automatic Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillator (AICD), or any other implantable electronic device (e.g. cochlear or retinal implants, electrical stimulation devices, insulin pumps, etc.). Thermage® FLX should not be performed on a person who is pregnant or lactating (breastfeeding).

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