What is Agnes?

Acne does not occur if there is no sebaceous gland. As destroying a hair follicle leads to hair removal , destroying sebaceous glands leads to acne removal. Agnes treatment can destroy sebaceous glands without thermal injury to the skin. Agnes utilizes a mono polar radio-frequency current with insulated micro needles. This is important as the insulation ensures that the the part of the needle in contact with the skin does not cause thermal injury to the skin.

The Treatment...

This treatment is effective as it targets the root of the problem. Because acne is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle arising from sebaceous glands, destruction of these sebaceous glands effectively reduces acne. Once the sebaceous glands are destroyed, acne subsides and is unlikely to recur. Less than 10% of acne recurred within a year after the final treatment session , making this the ultimate long tern solution for acne.

Topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment , so you will experience minimal discomfort. The excess sebum is first extracted from the hair follicles. A micro needle is then inserted into the sebaceous glands to destroy them with mono-polar Radio-frequency current. Any debris and impurities are removed to achieve a immaculate skin.

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